Speeding Structural Analysis at GM - Technology Center adopts Altair’s Game-changing Simulation Tool

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There has been an increasing need for GM design teams to develop their technical abilities to perform structural analysis and be able to evaluate their own designs. The simulation (Altair competitor) software initially utilized by designers proved problematic, and GM was keen to investigate a new approach. Altair SimSolid provided them with an alternative which not only dramatically decreased preprocessing time, it also allowed designers to evaluate complex components and complete ensembles which was not possible with the previously used software.

For modal analysis at the component level, a correlation factor of 97% was found with SimSolid, compared to the center’s existing solver. With SimSolid, this was combined with a 75% reduction in time taken to complete the analysis. Of that saving, 81% is accounted for by pre-processing, the rest for generating the solution.

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